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    Why You Shouldn't Use OxiClean to Remove Carpet Stains

    Posted by David Saidi on Feb 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM
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    F9E3AEUGUKAR3K3.LARGEWe all fell in love with Billy Mays. He was dynamic, energetic, fun, and pretty inspiring. He made cleaning exciting, and he made OxiClean look like a solution for life's stains.

    It's like we could clean anything!

    Unfortunately, Mays died in 2009, but the product lives on. It was instilled in us that OxiClean is powerful and we will always remember his dynamic sales pitch.

    Although OxiClean "gets the tough stains out" in laundry and dishes, it's not a good product to remove carpet stains.

    In fact, you should not use OxiClean to remove carpet stains or clean your carpet at all.

    Save yourself the extra work it will take to take care of the damage that OxiClean does to your carpet.

    OxiClean is a Brightener

    Like bleach, OxiClean is used as a brightener. The chemicals inside can greatly damage your carpet by creating blemishes.

    Any type of product like this that contains bleaches will essentially remove the color from your carpet.

    Just like in a bright red shirt, a touch of bleach will show immediately. Even if your carpet is light, OxiClean will remove the color and brighten that spot or area that you are trying to clean. 

    Then, when any professional carpet care is done, those blemishes mixed with professional treatments will bring out those spots even more.

    Alternative Carpet Stain Solutions

    Rather than trying to remove carpet stains with OxiClean or other solutions with bleach, use solutions with dish washing liquid or white vinegar.

    White vinegar with warm water allows you to treat stains without having that discoloring.

    In addition, dish soap and warm water will also help clean any visible protein stains such as milk, coffee, tea, etc.

    With any stain, address it immediately. First with water and a pressing technique. Do not scrub or rub the stain. Soak up as much of the stain with a damp towel with warm water.

    Learn how to treat red stains

    Treating OxiClean Damage

    If you've already used OxiClean or have similar spotting or discoloration, there are solutions to treat the damage. 

    Spot dying is a solution that utilizes a color wheel to find the closest color to your original carpet and dye the spot to match. It takes a professional process to get the colors to blend and match, especially because most carpets are a blend of two to three colors.

    Patching is another solution that can be done to remove stains or carpet discoloration. It requires professional carpet technicians to remove a patch of carpet where the stain is and replace it by seaming the carpet together. The patch can come from left over carpet, new carpet, or carpet from a closet that is not seen.

    New carpet or carpet from a closet also has to be treated in order to blend it with the more worn carpet.

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