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    Why a Professional Pet Treatment is the Best Alternative for Pet Lovers

    Posted by David Saidi on Oct 19, 2016 7:05:00 AM
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    Pet ownership changes the lives of people by providing companionship,
    friendship and love. In fact, the entire household changes after pets
    arrive making it very challenging to keep carpets clean and smelling
    fresh. The main problems pets owners need to face are stains and odor
    caused by urine accidents. In these cases, a professional treatment is
    required since the use of regular households cleaning products can set
    the stain and smell.


    Trying professional care

    Advanced techniques have been developed to eliminate odor and stains
    by eliminating  the source of the problem. While non-professional
    treatments leave the smell and marks, professional treatments
    eliminate the urine crystals and  the bacteria that can be found in
    pet urine while sanitizing  and providing a deep clean. Urine
    accidents need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent the urine
    from penetrating to the floor and the framework of the house.

    The problem

    Pet urine leaves stains because it oxidizes the dyes used in carpets
    causing discoloration and undesirable odor. The urine needs to be
    completely removed to eliminate odor. When the stains are cleaned
    superficially, the odor can resurface, especially, under humidity. The
    hydrophilic nature of urine attracts moisture and when this moisture
    evaporates, it causes the ammonia gas from the urine to contaminate
    the air.

    Treating stains and odor

    An effective odor elimination treatment works molecularly  by
    destroying the urine crystals. It is important to break down the
    alkaline salts present in the urine to encapsulate the urine- odor
    molecules. After all the damaged spots are treated, the entire carpets
    can be cleaned with regular cleaning procedures.

    Professional care

    In severe cases, a carpet professional will determine whether a full
    color restoration can be done, since pet stains are more difficult to
    eliminate after they have been sitting for a while. In some cases,
    replacements may be necessary to avoid further complications, but most
    of the time the technicians are able to solve and treat these issues
    right a way.

    Keeping pet stains and odor out of the house allows people to
    completely enjoy the benefits of owning a pet. Professional carpet
    care is a safe and effective solution for the entire family. 


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