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    Tough Stains May Require Carpet Restoration

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 23, 2016 11:25:21 AM
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    san antonio carpet cleaningjpgIt's your best property. The former tenants have just moved out and you already have three showings scheduled. You walk into the home and your jaw drops. A huge carpet stain in the den is not what you anticipated.

    Your experience tells you that  this stain will not come out. You wonder how you are going to replace the carpet by Tuesday and justify the cost of replacing carpet that is only two years old? There may well be a better solution and one that will save you a ton of money.


    There are some stains that just cannot be removed. Not with pre-treatment and not with the latest stain removal gimmicks.

    No matter how hard you scrub or who you might hire to do the job, these stains are plain stubborn.

    It may look better, but better is not going to impress the potential new tenants. What you see in front of you in the den of your best property is one of those. 

    Carpet Restoration May Be Your Answer

    Carpet Restoration oftentimes can tackle tough stains and even repairs because of a three step process that is proven. Only a professional San Antonio carpet cleaning company, like Pegasus Carpet Care, has the expertise to provide this money savings solution.

    Depending on the state of the carpet, we can provide:

    • Professional Carpet Cleaning. Deep cleaning will not remove the stain but weaken its grip on the carpet. and lighten the stain. In addition, it prepares the carpet for the important next steps. Learn more
    • Carpet Repair.  Repair is not just for rips and tears. Depending on the size of the stain, repairing the carpet right where the stain is will help solve the problem. Learn more
    • Carpet Dyeing. Dyeing the carpet a slightly darker color is the final step. When cleaning will not entirely remove the stain and repair may help, carpet dyeing will complete the task of making the carpet look like new. A trained professional must complete this final step to ensure a smooth transition in color.

    san antonio carpet cleaning - carpet restoration.png

    You can still keep those showings on Tuesday, knowing the carpet will look its best. Your new tenants will be pleased and your pocketbook will be pleased as well. 


    san antonio carpet restoration


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