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Pegasus Carpet Care Blog

    Realtor House Cleaning Tips: Make Your Property Appealing

    Posted by David Saidi on Jan 20, 2017 11:24:00 AM

    Slip into the shoes of your perspective buyer as you pull into the driveway. What do you see?

    Is the curb appeal inviting? The driveway and walkway has been power washed giving the property a clean feeling. The lawn has been freshly mowed - not a weed in sight. The lush blooms in the hanging basket delight your senses as you come to a stop: the front door.

    The front door is a great opportunity to make a good impression and it should whisper to your perspective buyer, “Welcome Home!”

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    Facts of Professional Carpet Cleaning that Realtors Should Know

    Posted by David Saidi on Nov 14, 2016 2:49:45 PM


    Carpets manufacturers recognize that clean carpets are visually more attractive, have more potential to last longer and keep rooms healthier. On the other hand, poorly maintained carpets bring a negative atmosphere to residences, suffer lots of damage because of the use, and they also can be the perfect habitat for pathogens.

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    Professional Commercial Cleaning: Remove Pet Stains From Carpet

    Posted by David Saidi on Apr 21, 2016 3:42:15 PM

    The summer is approaching and three tenants have notified you that they are moving out with more sure to follow. Many of them own pets and you are concerned about the potential of stained carpets. You have been here before and know that many times the tenants do not clean pet stains with any real commitment.

    "How am I going to remove pet stains from carpet without worrying about them resurfacing at a later date and do so in a timely fashion when I have multiple homes to rent?"

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    How to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet After Tenants Move Out

    Posted by David Saidi on Apr 6, 2016 4:19:01 PM

    You have two showings already booked for the end of the week. The former tenants have moved out but left you a surprise — pet stained carpet.

    So how are you going to remove pet stains from carpet within a couple of days?


    Pet stains can be one of the most difficult stains to remove. Pet urine contains crystals and by-products that make it more difficult to clean.

    There are over the counter cleaning products that can be purchased but sometimes a home remedy will provide results. 

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    Tough Stains May Require Carpet Restoration

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 23, 2016 11:25:21 AM

    It's your best property. The former tenants have just moved out and you already have three showings scheduled. You walk into the home and your jaw drops. A huge carpet stain in the den is not what you anticipated.

    Your experience tells you that  this stain will not come out. You wonder how you are going to replace the carpet by Tuesday and justify the cost of replacing carpet that is only two years old? There may well be a better solution and one that will save you a ton of money.

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    Not Every San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company is Equipped

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 21, 2016 2:23:00 PM

    In and out. A San Antonio carpet cleaning company cleaned the carpets just a few days ago and your showing is interrupted by dirt and stains that have resurfaced. In fact, you may lose the interested tenants all together.

    But with the right professional commercial cleaning company, that has the right equipment, property managers can show their homes without the worry of dirt or stains that resurface.

    The Right Equipment and the Right People

    Most San Antonio carpet cleaning companies have the equipment needed to just surface clean your carpets.

    Sometimes, surface cleaning works, and everybody is happy. But there are those times additional carpet cleaning services are needed — like deep cleaning your carpets.

    Especially if the carpets have not been cleaned since the tenants moved in several months ago. Simply calling the same company back out to surface clean your carpets will end up providing the same results. They simply so not have the proper equipment.

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    Sell More Houses with Commercial Carpet Cleaning Power Scrubber

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 15, 2016 1:37:15 PM

    No matter if you are selling or renting a home, you want to present your properties as best as possible.

    Oftentimes, realtors and property mangers pay for commercial carpet cleaning and within a couple of days dirt and stains have surfaced once again.

    This is a problem if the home has not sold the first day or two on the market (and most do not). You can have the San Antonio carpet cleaning company come back, but chances are you will end up with the same result.

    Why? Because the dirt and stains are below the surface of the carpet and quick cleaning just cleans the surface of the carpets. I am sure you are familiar with the problem, so, what is the solution so your home looks its best no matter how long it takes to rent or sell the home?

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    How Realtors can Save Money with Carpet Restoration

    Posted by David Saidi on Feb 12, 2016 3:09:55 PM

    Home improvement can be very costly especially if you don’t have a good plan. Remodelling or a complete home make-over isn't cheap, often kicking the possibility of saving on costs out of the window. But with good cost saving tips, you might as well end up enjoying more profits.

    What happens when a tenant has moved out and you want to improve the condition of the house to attract new tenants?

    Of course, you just have to fix it, but do you ever stop to think of the best approach? Well, probably not.

    As other realtors have started realizing the importance of improvising thus saving on cost without devaluing the service at hand, you too need to start sharpening your money saving tips.

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    Why Realtors Should Invest in San Antonio Carpet Restoration

    Posted by David Saidi on Feb 4, 2016 2:57:34 PM

    Choosing the right San Antonio commercial cleaning company is crucial for your property management or realtor business. 

    A professional San Antonio commercial cleaning company, like Pegasus Carpet Care, understands that their job is a part of the make-ready process and a large part of preparing a home for interested homebuyers.

    This is why realtors invest in commercial cleaning and should even consider carpet restoration for their properties.

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    Qualities of a Great Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

    Posted by David Saidi on Jan 28, 2016 12:09:56 PM

    Realtors and property owners deal with dozens of pain points on a daily basis. All pain points are difficult, but some are more tedious and tiresome than others.

    Aside from running down tenants for the rent they owe, realtors have to deal with keeping the unit clean and ready for the next tenant to move in.

    Responsible tenants expect to get their deposit back, and others know they won’t. The decision not to give tenants their deposit back, is due to several factors, one being, the tenant did not leave the unit in a move-in condition.

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