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    Top 3 Reasons Your Rental Property Won't Lease

    Posted by David Saidi on Apr 7, 2015 11:13:00 AM
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    Whether the market is up or down, the liklihood that a prospective tenant will rent one of your properties is ultimately determined by whether the tenant can picture themselves and their family in the home.

    • If it's pre-decorated during an open house, does the style match their own? Learn how to prepare a home for open house
    • If the home is empty during a showing, is the wall color inviting, calm, and basic. If not, the tenant will not want to put in the extra work to paint over it.
    • If the house is empty, the only things to focus on are the floors, walls, and tile. How are they?

    Why won't my house rent?

    If all prospective tenants can see during an empty-house showing are the walls and floors, there is a chance your dirty house isn't very appealing and is turning prospective tenants away.

    Carpet stains

    If the carpet throughout the home is full of stains, your prospective tenant is going to be turned off and is likely to walk away. Best case senario is that they will ask you to replace the carpet. 

    If they decide not to rent, you've lost a tenant, and if you need to replace the carpet, it will cost you thousands and it pushes back the move in date.

    Before you decide to replace the carpet, call a professional carpet cleaning company for a quote on full carpet restoration.

    Full carpet restoration not only treats the stains, but includes carpet repair, which can eliminate worn or damaged carpet.

    This helps with homes that had pets living indoors or in home offices where the chair wore down the carpet. Instead of spending $2,000 on carpet replacement, carpet repair costs between $500-$1,000. Learn more about how realtors can save money with carpet repair


    Tile stains & damage

    In the same way, the focus of your walk through will be your kitchen and bathroom tile. If there are stains and damaged areas, prospective tenants will not like the idea of waiting to get these things fixed.

    Best case senario, they will ask you to replace it, taking more time. Plus, you're already frustrating your future tenant rather than delighting them.

    As you prepare your rental property to show, get professionally tile and grout cleaning to ensure this is not the reason your house won't rent.

    Dirty Walls

    As you walk through your rental property, consider every nick and stain. After every tenant, prepare to have your house repainted.

    Especially if a previous tenant was a smoker, get professional house painting. This helps trap and remove odors from the entire house.

    Any smell of cigarette smoke will immediately turn away a prospective tenant.

    Make sure your professional house painting company uses primer and then paint.

    Having the walls repainted may seem unnecessary, but odors and wall damage is a huge reason prospective tenants walk away.

    How to rent your home

    Investopedia came up with a great idea for successfully renting out your home: "Take note of those commonly desirable features such as a washer and a dryer, air conditioning and garage. 

    Next, post the advertisement of the home on reputable websites and in local newspapers, as well as in places you commonly frequent, such as your local grocery store or your church." 

    Partner with Pegasus Carpet Care and get professional carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and painting services. And when you schedule more than one service at one time, Pegasus will discount your service.

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