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    Tips for Cleaning the Kitchen Free of Allergens

    Posted by David Saidi on Apr 28, 2015 1:51:00 PM
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    cleaning-kitchenThe top allergens in the home are dust mites, cockroaches, mold, and mildew, and the some of these can be found in your kitchen.

    That's why it's crucial to keep your kitchen cleaned.

    But of course, that's next to impossible with all of the other tasks that are necessary to keep your home in line, so here are some basic tips for cleaning the kitchen.

    1. Wash dishes daily

    It can be a chore to wash the dishes every day, but it's absolutely key to keeping allergens out, especially cockroaches who are attracted to food that's left out.

    Assign the dishes to each member of the family, and take the load off of yourself. Make it fun for small children by buying fun foam soap. Make it appealing to older children by giving a reward (not necessarily monetary).

    Washing dishes daily will prevent a pile up of dirty dishes at the end of the week, which is a much more frustrating chore.

    Use the dishwasher. Soap dishes and rinse and dry in the dishwasher. They'll be ready to put up or use again the next day.

    2. Wipe down countertops weekly

    There are many easy solutions to cleaning off countertops. This will also help prevent allergens like cockroaches from gathering in your home.

    Wiping down countertops will remove food and even dust build up.

    It's best to wipe down countertops daily, especially if you cook frequently. 

    Use your dish washing spong or the same dish washing liquid to go over your counters.

    Another great solution is Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. They're easy to access and one will do the job.

    Use lemon and baking soda to quickly clean your sink disposal. Learn more

    3. Take out the trash weekly

    It's obvious that cockroaches are attracted to food. That's why it's crucial to take out the trash at least weekly. Having a covered trash bin also helps.

    4. Clean your appliances bi-monthly

    The more often you can clean larger appliances, the better, especially if you use them more often.

    Also, include your microwave. Wipe it down inside and out. This will help remove excess food build up that attracts cockroaches. You can also steam clean your microwave by adding 1 cup of vinegar to 1 cup of hot water. Microwave it for 10 minutes. (Source: Craftionary)

    5. Clean your tile and grout bi-monthly

    On your off weeks of cleaning your larger appliances, move to the floor in your kitchen.

    Sweeping may be necessary more often like weekly, but every other week, you can schedule a deeper clean by mopping.

    The point of this cleaning method is to spread out the tasks so you won't be overwhelmed at the end of the week or month, and you have a cleaner kitchen more often.

    All of these cleaning tips will help you keep food out of reach of pests and will help with preventing allergies in your home.
    Have a problem with allergies in your home? Read more about how to prevent allergies in your home in this free ebook or get your air ducts professionally cleaned for better air quality.
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