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    The Ultimate Property Management Maintenance Checklist

    Posted by David Saidi on Jul 13, 2015 11:37:46 AM
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    A List of Property Management Maintenance Tasks from Listing to Cleaning

    property management maintenance checklist - keys to property

    Management holds the keys to success in the Real Estate business. To lease - or sell multiple properties - many components will need to be organized.

    A dynamic Property Manager will delegate tasks that need completed, breaking them down into six categories. An efficient system will enable the manager to sleep at night.

    1. Evaluation of Property

    This first step sets everything in motion. After evaluation of the following, delegate the work needed to your Property Maintenance department so they can schedule any repairs and the cleaning of the carpets to be completed.

    • Check the exterior of the building for damage and cosmetic appearance
    • Landscaping, curb appeal, pool, and driveway
    • Room by room, walk through the interior, making note of how many rooms of carpet need cleaned
    • Roofing and antennae’s of any sort
    • Garbage & junk mail

    Learn more in this Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

    2. Market Property

    property management maintenance checklist - property for rent

    Look for a creative personality for this department with fresh ideas and a dependable work ethic to keep up with the checklist:

    • List property for sale/ rental
    • Put sign in the yard
    • Show property to potential buyers or renters
    • Handle all paperwork

    3. Screening Tenants

    Potential tenants or buyers have viewed the house and want to take the next steps…

    • Application process
    • Approval process
    • Signing lease or paperwork needed for the selling and closing of the property

    4. Rental Collection

    This part of property management maintenance can make you or break you as far as rental properties. A successful collection system must be in place…

    • Collect rent on time
    • Have a plan set up for renters who are late and for renters who don’t pay at all

    professional commercial carpet cleaning - property management maintenance checklist5. Inspections

    • Safe & clean inspections need to be performed on rental properties in the beginning, during, and after tenants have vacated. Some like routine drive-by inspections, especially when you have a no pet policy.
    • The selling of a property will require an inspection. A checklist would be good to compile. insuring a smooth closing on the sale of your property.

    6. Property Maintenance

    There is always a long list of things that can go wrong-plus preventative and scheduled maintenance.

    • Set up all properties on a property maintenance schedule; monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually
    • Set up all properties on a seasonal maintenance schedule; spring, summer, fall, and winter
    • Have approved and efficient repairmen and carpet cleaners in all areas of your properties to handle routine maintenance and the unexpected

    Get this free property maintenance checklist to ensure all cleaning tasks are taken care of.

     commercial cleaning checklist - property management maintenance checklist

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