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    Bed Bugs vs. Dust Mites: When To Call The Exterminator

    Posted by David Saidi on Sep 15, 2014 10:30:00 AM
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    If you've never had bed bugs or dust mites, you most likely wouldn't know what to do in the unfortunate instance that you do get them.

    In this circumstance, you don’t care what’s in your bed — bed bugs or dust mites — you just want them out! Fair enough.

    So who should you call? What's the difference between these little, ugly creatures and how can you get them out!

    Pegasus Carpet Care can take care of dust mites in your mattress or carpet, but if you have an infestation of bed bugs, you’ll need a professional exterminator.

    That’s because the two, very small critters are different.

    Bed Bugs vs. Dust Mites

    Dust mites don’t necessarily need humans to survive, therefore, they often live in mattresses, the carpet, furniture or bedding, whereas bed bugs need humans to survive and therefore live near the place humans sleep.

    • Bed bugs need blood taken from warm-blooded hosts, according to the Center for Disease Control.
    • Dust mites consume minute particles of organic matter. They eat food that has been already decomposed by fungi. Source: Wiki

    Prevention differs as well.

    • Alcohol can kill bed bugs instantly, and that's why you need an exterminator. They use a heat treatment. Point being, bed bugs take more treatment than a carpet cleaner can provide, so call an exterminator.
    • Dust mites can be reduced by keeping carpet clean, replacing carpet, and minimizing moisture.

    In addition, dust mites reproduce quickly, so maintaining the life of your mattress, furniture, carpet, and bedding is crucial to keep these critters out of your home.

    For professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, call Pegsaus Carpet Care at (210) 240-1400 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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