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    The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

    Posted by David Saidi on Nov 30, 2015 11:20:38 AM
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    In the real estate business, it can be hard for realtors and property managers to find the time needed to accomplish all of their goals, whether they be to effectively manage as many properties as possible or to list and or sell as many properties as possible.

    To remain competitive, they have to employ the help of other professionals, like commercial cleaners, to ensure that their properties are always looking the best.

    All commercial carpet cleaners are not created equal, to ensure that the job was done thoroughly, a reputable company will follow these 12 steps of the commercial carpet cleaning process:

    The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

    1. hot_water_extraction-commercial-carpet-cleaning.jpgPre-Inspection: The technician will do a walk-through inspection to determine carpet construction and soiling conditions.

    2. Pre-Vacuum: The carpet is vacuumed with a commercial vacuum that removes insoluble dry soil.

    3. Moving Furniture: The technician(s) will carefully move most pieces of furniture (if any) out of the way and protect them with disposable tabs and blocks. Larger pieces, like dressers and beds, will be left in place.

    4. Pre-spot: Tough spots are pre-treated to ensure easy removal

    5. Pre-spray: High traffic areas are pre-treated with a powerful traffic lane treatment

    6. Pre-agitate: Carpet is groomed with a rotary cleaning machine or carpet groomer (depending on how dirty it is) to loosen up soil even more

    7. Extract and Rinse: After the soil has been loosened, it's time to clean the carpet using a hot water extraction cleaning process.

    8. Neutralizer: Applying this solution to carpets after they have been cleaned ensures that the pH of the fabric is balanced which is, according to most carpet manufacturers, one of most important steps to keeping carpets looking their best

    9. Post Spot Treatment: This step in the cleaning process is necessary for heavily stained carpets who need all the help they can get, but it is important to note that, not all potential permanent stains can be removed

    10. Post Groom: To speed up the drying process, the carpet pile is set in one direction

    11. Speed Dry: To reduce drying time even more, high-velocity air movers are placed on the carpet

    12. Post Cleaning Inspection: The technician will perform the final walk-through to ensure that the carpets have been cleaned thoroughly.

    Although it's possible to buy machines and do the job yourself, a commercial carpet cleaning will save you time and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the job is done right the first time.

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