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    San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Price Comparison

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 26, 2015 11:51:00 PM
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    How to choose the best carpet cleaning company in San Antonio?


    Everyone loves discounts, but how do you know you're really saving money especially when it comes to services like carpet cleaning?

    Carpet cleaning isn't sold in stores. It isn't broadcast on TV much. It's not at the top of mind until you really need it. How can you compare pricing?

    How much does professional carpet cleaning cost in San Antonio?

    Unless you're getting carpet cleaning service from a mom and pop shop, professional carpet cleaning in San Antonio costs in the price range of $100 to $160.

    Almost all professional carpet cleaning companies have a 3-room price and whole house price, as does Pegasus.

    Three-room carpet cleaning special

    Whole house carpet cleaning price

    Tip: Not all professional carpet cleaning companies include pre-spray or deodorizer in their pricing and will try to rack up the price by adding these small services. Ask about this before scheduling your service.

    Also, pet odors, red stains, and carpet damage should be noted in your consultation. Let your carpet cleaning company know so they can give you the best quote in the beginning.

    Note: These are just some of the most popular San Antonio carpet cleaning companies as of March 2015.

    As you notice, pricing does not change much. You may be able to save a dollar here or there, but these are competitive pricing.

    So what now? How do you choose a carpet cleaning company?

    • Family safety — What type of chemicals are used in the solutions? Do you need pet odor or stain removal, which could have chemicals and solutions?
    • Dry time — Do you have children that will be home from school at a particular time? It's best to stay off of the carpet after a professional carpet cleaning job.
    • Scheduling — How soon do you need your carpet cleaned?
    • Experience — You don't want to leave your carpet in the hands of inexperienced technicians that could damage the carpet even more.
    • Values — This might not matter to some, but consider values. You don't want your belongings stolen or additional fees added to your service. You need transparent and truthful quotes that will get you quality service at a good price.

    Why Pegasus Carpet Care

    32340726Now we will take time to toot our own horn just for a bit. Toot! Toot!

    Pegasus Carpet Care has more than 20 years of experience in San Antonio. Our general manager, Mark Romero, has led our talented team of technicians for the past 9 years in the apartment industry, where they see the worst of the worst in carpet cleaning and carpet repair. Before that, he worked another almost 10 years in the industry serving commercial properties and residential homes.

    Pegasus values truth. We strive to give you the best quote as possible over the phone, and if we need to see the carpet, whether there is a red stain or pet damage, we'll go to your house for free.

    If all suggestions of cleaning are met at the time of service, and there is an evident problem with the carpet the next day, we will gladly come back at no charge and remedy the problem.

    We value good, quality service.

    And we take care of our customers not only in cleaning their carpets but other services they might need around the house as well, including tile & grout cleaningair duct cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

    In addition, we strive to give real discounts when we can. 

    When you buy whole house carpet cleaning, we're significantly discounting tile & grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, and sofa + love seat cleaning.

    This not only saves you money, but it saves you time having to research and schedule a different service you probably didn't know you needed or could get from a professional carpet cleaning company.

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