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    Realtor House Cleaning Tips: Make Your Property Appealing

    Posted by David Saidi on Jan 20, 2017 11:24:00 AM
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    realtor house cleaning tipsSlip into the shoes of your perspective buyer as you pull into the driveway. What do you see?

    Is the curb appeal inviting? The driveway and walkway has been power washed giving the property a clean feeling. The lawn has been freshly mowed - not a weed in sight. The lush blooms in the hanging basket delight your senses as you come to a stop: the front door.

    The front door is a great opportunity to make a good impression and it should whisper to your perspective buyer, “Welcome Home!”

    A good first impression is an open door to intuition.


    When you step inside, does it feel like home? Would your perspective buyer want to slip their shoes off? 

    Realtor house cleaning tips include clean carpets, clean living area, nice smell, and clean kitchen.

    These main areas will help you reap the rewards of trust between you and your client. These areas represent home for most.

    When a perspective buyer is pleased through their senses, they not only will slip off their shoes but they will let their guard down. 

    The left side of the brain, housing their inner critic (the guard) will be set aside. The emotional part of their brain, the right side, will be allowed the opportunity for their intuition to delight in the carpets inviting touch-freshly shampooed as with the scent of the sun spilling over through all the open windows.


    The dazzling natural light will make the house appear more spacious, and it will shine through better if the windows have been freshly cleaned and a fresh coat of paint has been applied-if needed.

    Realtor house cleaning tips should always be inclusive of deep cleaning for the carpets and duct work. The result of deep cleaning creates a freshness that alerts the senses, which in turn opens the door to intuition which is always searching for fulfillment.

    Intuition is that moment when a perspective buyer knows instinctively whether a house is right for them-or not. And a trusted client relationship is what happens when you make sure that first impressions always keep the door open.  

    Get started on making your property ready for new buyers by getting free carpet cleaning for one listing!

    Pegasus Carpet Care is a San Antonio carpet cleaning company specializing in commercial cleaning services for property managers and realtors including carpet cleaning and repair, tile & grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more.

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