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    Qualities of a Great Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

    Posted by David Saidi on Jan 28, 2016 12:09:56 PM
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    commercial cleaning for realtorsRealtors and property owners deal with dozens of pain points on a daily basis. All pain points are difficult, but some are more tedious and tiresome than others.

    Aside from running down tenants for the rent they owe, realtors have to deal with keeping the unit clean and ready for the next tenant to move in.

    Responsible tenants expect to get their deposit back, and others know they won’t. The decision not to give tenants their deposit back, is due to several factors, one being, the tenant did not leave the unit in a move-in condition.

    Professional Commercial Cleaning for Realtors 

    While most tenants may wipe down the counter tops, and spray the refrigerator, many will not pay to have the carpet steam cleaned.

    This responsibility, then falls into the hands of the realtor or property owner, as yet another pain point to deal with.

    Carpets receive the most damage in rental properties. Especially in rental units where children and pets reside. The goal of the realtor is to find a commercial cleaning company that can do the job, and not charge a bundle. If the company is good and the fees are reasonable, that company would be the idea company to use for all the rental properties. However, there are other factors to consider.

    When searching for the right professional commercial cleaning service, should the company reputation be compared to the same characteristics of a good tenant? Of course, why not?

    Learn about professional commercial cleaning with Pegasus Carpet Care.

    Good tenants are hard to come by. It is difficult to find tenants that are trustworthy, dependable and responsible. These are the same values realtors and property owners expect from the people they do business with. Here are the four qualities to look for when searching for a commercial cleaning service:


    Examine the company’s ethics and core valves. Are the employees friendly and approaches, and is the owner willing to negotiate.

    Customer satisfaction

    Ask to see testimonials of previous customers. What are the percentage ratings of satisfied customers?


    Does the company offer a money back guarantee, a warranty or a do-over, on unsatisfactory services?


    Damages done by a company’s employee should be corrected by the owner of the company. A reputable, dependable, and trustworthy company should be state licensed, insured and bonded, and so should the employees.

    Forming a good relationship with the right cleaning service can lead to future discounts on services, and one less pain point to deal with.

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