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    Completely Remove Pet Stains from Carpet or Risk Losing Tenants

    Posted by David Saidi on Apr 14, 2016 2:48:02 PM
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    You cleaned the carpet hoping the pet stains of the former tenants would come out. You run back by the house to check to see if your showings the next two days will find clean and fresh carpets.

    Your jaw drops when you see the pet stains have resurfaced. Don't reschedule those showings yet.

    Pet stains are tricky. The biggest reason this is true is you are not aware of how quickly the former tenants tried to remove pet stains from carpets or if they even tried at all. 

    You can hope for the best, but if those pet stains were not addressed quickly, you will lose both time and potential tenants.

    Remove Pet Stains for Good

    My personal experience tells me that most pet stains are there to stay unless a professional commercial cleaning company is brought in. There are too many factors at play, like were they cleaned at all, what type of cleaner or home remedy was used, and did the stains move to the padding under the carpet. 

    san_antonio_carpet_cleaning_pet_stains.jpgThere is no way to be sure of any of these important factors.  You are simply playing a guessing game that could backfire and may ultimately cost you big time. 

    Quick research on how to remove pet stains from carpet and your own personal attempt to clean them could cost you valuable time and most importantly new renters or buyers of the home you manage.

    There really is only one sure fire way to handle pet stains.

    Contact a San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company that has the right equipment and personnel to handle the job. 

    Hife a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

    I don't have to tell you that taking care of a property requires a lot of attention, and carpet cleaning can be complex and time-consuming by itself. It's crucial to not only hire a professional cleaning company but the right one, who can help you with quality carpet cleaning and restoration services.  

    Pegasus Carpet Care has more than 20 years of experience in carpet restoration, which includes San Antonio carpet cleaning and carpet restoration. We have seen it all and our professional staff has the right training and equipment to get any carpet job done right and on time so you can show your homes with confidence. 


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