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    Property Manager's 5 Checks to a Clean Exit

    Posted by David Saidi on Jun 11, 2015 10:26:00 AM
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    moving_out_checklistEffective property management begins with delegation and teamwork. Houses are all different but they have the same basic cleaning needs. With a moving out cleaning checklist and a responsible team of services, you can manage the maintenance of all off your residential rental properties successfully.

    Of course the whole house needs to be cleaned but there are 5 top priorities that are more time consuming and should be scheduled and outsourced in advance.

    In addition, if these 5 things are left undone, you're guaranteed a longer vacancy time, which means you're losing dollars.

    Check these 5 areas when a tenant moves out:

    Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

    • Yard- Find a dependable lawn service that mows, weeds, picks up trash, and removes any personal items from yard when the home is vacated.
    • Carpets- Carpets need to be professionally cleaned throughout each room. Find a professional carpet cleaning company that can not only clean the carpet but also specializes in carpet restoration so that any damage or tears can be taken care of as well. Learn more about carpet restoration
    • Bathroom- Scrub all with disinfectant. Check all cabinets and drawers. Clean shower curtain. Have a professional commercial cleaning company clean the tile and grout.
    • Kitchen- Clean inside, outside, and under the refrigerator. Start self-cleaning oven – if not self-cleaning it will have to be done manually. Clean under and around the top burners and clean the hood fan and check the vent filter. Have a professional commercial cleaning company clean the tile and grout.
    • Heating & Cooling Systems- Have Furnace and Cooling systems serviced and cleaned with documented information for future clients to observe.

    Check your properties for three senses before showing — sight, smell, and touch, and then listen with the fourth sense of hearing for “I’ll take it."

    Note: Pegasus Carpet Care is partnering with realtors and property managers to efficiently maintain your properties by providing many of the services needed, including carpet cleaning, carpet repair, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, interior painting services, and more. 

    And when you schedule more than one service, we will provide discounts. Check out our Bundled Services options

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