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    Property Management Checklist for Your Next Open House Event

    Posted by David Saidi on Aug 6, 2015 10:31:00 AM
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    green-door-w-welcome-mat-open-houseAs a realtor, you know that open houses are an important marketing tool, both for your business and for individual houses.

    They give you the chance to showcase a particular property while meeting potential buyers who, even if they don’t buy this particular home, could buy another home you have listed or list their own home for sale with you.

    The following property management checklist will ensure that you and the home are ready for your next open house event:

    Property Management Checklist

    Market the home

    This can include online and print advertising, as well as printing flyers to mail to prospects and neighbors. Spread the word about the open house through your own and your company’s blog, website, Twitter account, and any other online options you may have. Post directional signs a day or two before the open house. At the home itself, outdoor signs advertising the open house and colorful balloons will let potential buyers know they’ve found the right house and can also attract drive-by traffic.

    Make sure the home is clean

    A clean home will look attractive to buyers, while a dirty home will distract them from the home’s positive attributes and make them think the house hasn’t been well maintained. Scheduling a commercial carpet cleaning in advance of your open house is one of the easiest and most effective ways of cleaning a large area quickly. Stains create a bad impression and are off-putting to potential buyers. Commercial carpet cleaning can also help eliminate odors from smoking or pets.


    Have information available

    Have several contracts printed and ready to go in case someone is ready to make an offer. Also prepare a book with photos and specifics about the house and property, including floor plans, tax information, and a lot survey.

    Make the home welcoming

    Many Realtors like to use vanilla-scented candles or another mild, pleasing aroma, as well as a CD player with pleasant, non-offensive music. Having a basket of homemade, wrapped treats or goodies from a local bakery are also good ways to make visitors feel welcome and encourage them to linger. They’re also more likely to remember this particular home if they’re visiting several open houses on the same day.

    An open house can be an important selling and marketing tool. By following this Realtor open house checklist, you’ll help ensure that your open house is well attended and that the home is in its best condition.

    Need help cleaning your properties? Check out this free property management maintenance checklist and keep your property listings up to par.

    commercial cleaning checklist - property management maintenance checklist

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