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    Not Every San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company is Equipped

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 21, 2016 2:23:00 PM
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    Unico_Power_Scrubber_1.jpgIn and out. A San Antonio carpet cleaning company cleaned the carpets just a few days ago and your showing is interrupted by dirt and stains that have resurfaced. In fact, you may lose the interested tenants all together.

    But with the right professional commercial cleaning company, that has the right equipment, property managers can show their homes without the worry of dirt or stains that resurface.

    The Right Equipment and the Right People

    Most San Antonio carpet cleaning companies have the equipment needed to just surface clean your carpets.

    Sometimes, surface cleaning works, and everybody is happy. But there are those times additional carpet cleaning services are needed — like deep cleaning your carpets.

    Especially if the carpets have not been cleaned since the tenants moved in several months ago. Simply calling the same company back out to surface clean your carpets will end up providing the same results. They simply so not have the proper equipment.

    Commercial Grade Power Scrubber

    Pegasus Carpet Care has invested in their equipment and in their people. Learn more

    One example is our Commercial Grade Power Scrubber. This equipment is made for carpets that have not been cleaned in awhile and where dirt and stains have been ground into the carpets. And our technicians have received professional training to know when the Power Scrubber is needed and how to operate it to get the results you desire.

    Why the Power Scrubber Works

    Our Commercial Grade Power Scrubber does more than just surface clean your carpets. The power scrubber is able to reach below the surface with bristles that circulate to loosen ground in dirt and stains. The speed and power of this equipment is made for carpets that have not been cleaned in some time and where dirt and stains have been ground into the carpets.

    The right equipment in a trained technician's hands will provide results that are amazing.


    • Dirt and stains will not resurface in a few short days
    • Deep cleaning will extend the life of your carpets saving you money
    • You get rid of even more than dirt. Bacteria, mold, allergens and dust mites are also removed
    • You will not have to clean carpets as regularly saving you time and money over the long term

    Pegasus Provides Results, Not Excuses

    Never show a home again with the chance that dirt and stains have resurfaced. Pegasus Carpet Care has the right equipment and the right people, and we do the job right the first time. Give us the opportunity to serve you.

    Check out these 3 reasons why San Antonio realtors should choose Pegasus.

    We have made it easy to prove we are different and that we have the right equipment to do the job right.

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