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    New Carpets or Carpet Restoration?

    Posted by David Saidi on Feb 29, 2016 3:02:00 PM
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    carpet_restoration_for_carpet_stains.jpgYou have trained the kids well. Never eat without a towel down on the carpets and make sure your no tip cup with the kool-aid is in your hand at all times.

    But then it happens.

    The paint you were using to dazzle up the living room wasn't put away properly. You got home from work just in time to see your kids put the finishing touches on their masterpiece.. Finally, their beautiful painting did not just end up on the canvas but all over the carpet in the den.

    The money we were saving for that special vacation will now be used to replace the carpets. May-be not!

    Carpet Stains: Obstacle or Opportunity

    Before you call the travel agent to cancel your summer plans, there is an alternative to replacing carpets.

    Carpet Restoration can not only have your carpets looking new again, it can save you thousands of dollars. You may be one phone call away to saving your plans and your kids lives.

    Carpet Restoration Over Replacement

    Carpet restoration is oftentimes an option and should be considered before replacing the carpet. An evaluation should be scheduled before you round up the kids to take them to the carpet outlets in search of new carpets.

    Most importantly, it can save your special vacation and your budget by saving you thousands of dollars.

    What is Carpet Restoration?

    Carpet restoration is a three step process that few have the skills, equipment and expertise to complete so that carpets look like new. 

    carpet restoration by pegasus carpet care.png

    • Professional Carpet Cleaning. Many companies that provide San Antonio Carpet Cleaning do not have the equipment to deep clean. Just quick cleaning your carpets will not give you the results you are looking for. Deep cleaning is the first step and prepares the carpets for needed repairs and dyeing process that is to follow. Learn More.
    • Carpet Repair. Repairs require great skill and expertise. The carpet should look like it was never repaired and just like the original. Learn More.
    • Carpet Dyeing. Darkening the color slightly is the final step. This process must be completed by a professional that has been trained in the techniques required to provide a smooth and constant color throughout the entire carpet.

    How much is carpet restoration?

    The cost of restoration depends on the size of the rooms, number of stains and repairs, but our experience tells us that you should save thousands over buying new carpets. Request a free evaluation by contacting Pegasus Carpet Care.

    Learn more about the process of carpet restoration in this free ebook. 

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