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    Increasing Business with Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

    Posted by David Saidi on Oct 27, 2015 9:23:00 AM
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    emptyhousecarpetThe last thing you want is property sitting empty. This can happen for a number of reasons. Oftentimes, the property simply isn't move-in ready.

    Coordinating the services necessary to get it move-in ready isn't always easy. It requires careful, efficient scheduling to make sure that maintenance, cleaning and painting happen in a way that minimizes delays to getting the property rented.

    Getting your properties move-in ready as soon as possible will help you increase business.

    Scheduling Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    This is something you will want to do after other tasks, such as deep cleaning, replacing fixtures and painting have taken place.

    The last thing you want is workers walking all over freshly cleaned carpet. It is important that you are able to schedule a commercial carpet cleaner to come out as soon as the other jobs are completed. You don't want to be held up.

    This is especially important because you may have to wait for the carpet to dry after a commercial carpet cleaning.

    The Importance Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    One of the first things a potential tenant will look at is the carpet. They may judge the cleanliness and attractiveness of a home based on that alone.

    A bright, fresh-smelling and clean carpet is inviting and give the prospect the impression that the rest of the home is as well.

    A thorough carpet cleaning done in a timely manner can help you move through the rental process faster and eliminate empty properties.

    Also, check out this property management maintenance checklist.

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