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    Increase Property Efficiency with Professional Commercial Cleaning

    Posted by David Saidi on May 26, 2015 1:45:02 PM
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    The pains of a property manager are endless — chasing leases, closing deals, keeping up with client’s/tenant’s complaints and sometimes even managing several other properties simultaneously.

    It only makes sense that they would outsource such jobs as house cleaning and expect the best results without having to stressfully micro manage the process.

    The efficiency of a property manager will be evident from the interior state of the homes he or she shows during openings. It is a challenge in itself, having to care for each part of the building, from carpets to tiles.

    So how can property managers increase property efficiency?

    Contracting a dedicated cleaner to maintain these areas is almost always the best way out. A dazzling house will always attract buyers and renters and beautifully restored home translates to more leases, and therefore greater gains.

    In flooring that has been damaged, carpet repair can be cheaper than replacement, especially where the damage is not so extensive. And as it is, you need to have a recently vacated home looking next to new before the next tenant comes in.

    After a home is damaged by floodwater, the cleaning and restoration process is terribly overwhelming. The damage caused by water usually goes way beneath the surface. The moisture that is trapped beneath floorboards encourage mold to thrive. Not only are they poisonous to health, but also make the air musty and stale.  This is every realtor and homemaker’s nightmare. 

    The challenge in outsourcing professional house cleaning services is working to cut costs but getting great value at the same time. What better way to be efficient than by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company that combines more than one task?

    CARPETREPAIR_1Pegasus Carpet Care has many professional commercial cleaning services:

    • Carpet cleaning
    • Carpet repair
    • Tile & grout cleaning
    • Air duct cleaning
    • Interior house painting
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Flood emergency cleanup

    Any realtor looking for extremely reliable and thorough cleaning company in San Antonio should look no further than Pegasus Carpet Care. Our team members are experts in carpet cleaning and restoration, tile and grout cleaning, painting interiors and exteriors and cleaning air ducts. We use the hot water extraction method to clean your carpets, and to complete this package, we have emergency flood assistance services.

    With our skill and experience, our clients are guaranteed excellent results, delivered fast and whenever you need it. To go with this irresistible offer are competitive prices and impressive skills.

    San Antonio realtors and property managers love the flexibility, commitment and the a team of professional staff. Pegasus is all a property manager needs to manage their properties. With property cleaning handled, your efficiency in executing other tasks will surely be increased.

    When you schedule more than one service now, you can save even more. Schedule now and we will contact you with special pricing.

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