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    Improve Property Value with Carpet Restoration

    Posted by David Saidi on Jun 5, 2015 2:00:00 PM
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    realtorfreecarpetcleaningWhen it is time to turn any property around either by bringing in a new tenant or by selling the property all together, the first thing to do is determine what improvements and repairs need to be done. The faster and more efficient the job, the quicker it will be to fill the vacancy.

    One way to improve the property value is by employing commercial carpet cleaning services. A company that is trained and certified in carpet cleaning, carpet repair, tile and grout cleaning, as well as indoor painting service and air duct cleaning will make the transition smoother.  

    What is carpet restoration?

    Carpet restoration is a great way to save money. Rather than replacing the entire carpet in a room or home, carpet repair is available to treat and mend the damaged section.

    Carpet restoration is not limited to carpet repair; this is actually just one major part of carpet restoration. It can also include carpet dying and carpet cleaning.

    Carpet restoration techniques include custom patching, carpet restretching, gold bar installation, carpet repair, and carpet cleaning.

    It's used to save the carpet from stains and damage without having to replace the entire carpet.

    Learn more about how realtors can save money with carpet repair and how much carpet restoration costs.

    Rental Property                             

    happy-home-buyersOnce the tenants give notice of their intent to move out, the clock starts on retaining new renters. It is hard to know what repairs and upgrades will need to be done until the current renters leave.

    Having certified commercial carpet cleaning services on hand will speed things along. The carpet cleaners can come in and quickly access the condition of the carpets, tile, and air ducts. They will be able to make clear recommendations and set up a service call to start the make ready process.

    Property for Sale

    Home owners ready to move to a new location can leave years of dirt and damage behind in the rush. Their focus goes from their current location to a new home quickly.

    A realtor is then left to pick up the pieces in order to make the home presentable to prospective buyers. Again having the carpets, tile and air ducts assessed by a commercial carpet cleaning service will make the process move faster. They are even able to come in while the house is still occupied and take a valid assessment of the property. An estimate is then provided to start the ball rolling.

    Property owners and realtors alike will benefit greatly by have commercial carpet cleaning services on hand for all of their property. Certified carpet cleaners can do more than just clean carpets. They are trained on how to repair minor damages in the carpet as well as clean tile floors and grout. 

    Air duct cleaning is also a much desired service for homes that are going to be assessed by an inspector. The right cleaner will help by being on call to for a make ready or to start with much needed cleaning and repairs to the home or apartment.

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