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    How to Select a Preferred Vendor for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Posted by David Saidi on May 7, 2015 11:40:00 AM
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    As a realtor or property manager, it's important to maintain rental properties efficiently and effectively.

    But what does that actually mean?

    Efficiently means you're maintaining each property as best as you can. You're keeping up with every part of the home, from appliances and HVAC to ensuring the house is clean and up to par for the next tenant.

    Part of efficiency is not wasting time and money. This doesn't make you cheap, but it's crucial to choose the best possible vendors who will give you great value at a great, competitive price.

    It seems simple, but it's easier said than done. 

    It's popular to generate a preferred vendor list, but when was the last time you actually used one of those vendors, and do you remember if the job was done right — efficiently and effectively?

    It's not only beneficial to have a preferred vendor list, but also to keep up with that list to ensure each vendor is still up to par and that they're a good fit for your business.

    How to select a preferred vendor for commercial carpet cleaning

    hotwaterextraction_pegasus carpet careThese criteria could actually help you with other vendors, but we'll focus just on what we're experts on — carpet cleaning.

    Carpet cleaning is important to you because carpet is an investment. It's a big chunk of your budget, and you don't want to have to replace the carpet — spending thousands — every time a tenant moves out.

    Learn how realtors can save money with carpet repair

    1. Service Offerings

    Rather than spending thousands on carpet replacement, get to know your vendors service offerings and use them to its full potential.

    In addition, find out if your carpet cleaning vendor offers other services. Many times, they offer:

    • Carpet repair
    • Tile & grout cleaning
    • Air duct cleaning
    • Painting

    This is efficiency at its best. You're using one vendor to get multiple jobs done at one time. This makes billing easy, management simple, and cost often decreases.

    When realtors schedule multiple services with Pegasus, we provide savings. Learn more about bundled services

    2. Dry time

    Part of efficiency is understanding to service details.

    Hot water extraction is the best carpet cleaning method and this requires a dry time for carpet cleaning.

    Knowing this will help you schedule other service and maintanence around your carpet cleaning service so people won't be walking around on the carpet before its dry.

    3. Scheduling

    How soon do you need your carpet cleaned? You need a responsive vendor.

    Make a note if you call a vendor and their non-responsive. 

    Also, check if you can schedule online, and test whether the company is responsive in that manner as well. This can make your job easier if you can skip the quote and calling and go straight to scheduling your favorite commercial carpet cleaning vendor online.

    Schedule service online with Pegasus Carpet Clean

    4. Experience 

    You don't want to leave your carpet in the hands of inexperienced technicians that could damage the carpet even more. Oftentimes a preferred vendor list will eliminate this, but if you've gotten a referral and have never used the vendor before, ask about experience. 

    Confirm with other realtors who've used that company, and check out their website for testimonials, etc.

    5. Values

    This might not matter to some, but its great to consider values. You don't want additional fees added to your service. You need transparent and truthful quotes that will get you quality service at a good price.

    How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

    San Antonio carpet cleaning price comparison 


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