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    How to Prepare a Home for Open House

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 5, 2015 1:41:00 PM
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    As a commercial realtor, you’re managing and maintaining many residential properties. 

    You have leasing timelines to meet and you need quality service in order to prepare your homes for open house events and showings.

    In order to get more leases, you need to prepare a beautiful home where people can imagine themselves living.

    An open house event is a great way to meet with interested buyers and showcase your home in a non-invasive way.

    But how do you ensure interested buyers feel at home and comfortable?

    Here are 10 tips on prepare a home for open house!

    Reatlor Open House Tips 

    1. Clear clutter. 
    2. Hire professional cleaning service.
    3. Remove family photos. Choose art that is neutral, warm, and welcoming.
    4. Neutralize odors. Make sure to ask professional cleaning servicers to address any pet odors.
    5. Make repairs. 
    6. Add decor that is neutral and modern. You may not be able to change the large items, but set the table with a new place setting and make sure the bathroom towels aren't used and damaged.
    7. Enhance curb appeal by adding an Open House sign.
    8. Invest in horderves for guests.
    9. Add a sign in sheet or online check in system where guests can leave comments or questions.
    10. Have fun meeting & greeting!
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