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    How to Keep your House Clean - 6 Daily House Cleaning Tips

    Posted by David Saidi on Jun 30, 2015 12:13:00 PM
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    As a parent, thinking about the dirt build up in your home can make you queasy.

    After all, your children are your life and having them crawling around on a dirty floor or playing in a cluttered room can make you nervous.

    Plus, there are proven health benefits of a clean home.

    Here are 6 house cleaning tips that can help you keep your house clean, even when your schedule is a mess.

    1. Vinegar

    This item is a real life saver. Not only is it affordable, but it’s fast acting. Five minutes of vinegar sitting in your sink or toilet can disinfect and help keep them sparkling. Simply let it sit and then scrub at least twice a week.   

    2. Get A Duster

    Even the busiest schedules can make time to dusting if it’s a one step process. Invest in a duster with easy on and off tops. These dusters are designed to reach even the toughest places and with only one item needed, it’s the easiest way to fit your dusting into the day.

    3. Disinfect the Disposer—Naturally

    If you have a garbage disposal you know how easily they can begin to smell because of growing bacteria. One a week drop a slice of lemon, a teaspoon of salt, and some ice cubes down the disposer. The lemon cuts down on the smell while the salt rids the disposer of residue.

    4. Keep Your Counters Sanitized

    Instead of going through rolls of paper towels try investing in microfiber cloths instead. Not only do they clean up messes more quickly, but some brands also disinfect. Again, this cuts down on the amount of steps you need to keep your counters germ free; making it easier to fit into your packed schedule. This is one of those cleaning tips everyone needs.

    5. Cut Your Sponge

    Sponges can clean up even the toughest of messes, but they are also bacteria farms. One sponge can actually have more bacteria in it than your toilet! Ew! Chuck your sponge every three weeks to stop the spread of this bacteria. You can also microwave it for 30 seconds to kill any germs on a weekly basis.

    6. Bedtime is Clean Time

    Before bed get your kids into the habit of cleaning up after themselves.  This will help teach them independence, keep your house clutter free, and give you a break.

    Use these cleaning  tips as the perfect time savers. Don’t let your schedule get in the way of a clean home because a clean home actually has proven health benefits. Learn more

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