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    How to Improve Property Value with Regular Maintenance

    Posted by David Saidi on May 29, 2015 9:00:00 AM
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    emptyhousecarpetEveryone has heard the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well realtors and property managers probably shouldn't follow this advice if they want to maximize the income from the properties they manage and/or maintain.

    Keeping a property clean is one of the easiest ways to maintain its value. Whether a realtor is servicing an apartment complex that already has tenants or looking to fill a vacancy, providing a clean environment makes a manager’s job that much easier.

    But unless realtors want to break out the cleaning supplies themselves, partnering with a professional commercial cleaning company is definitely the better option.

    First Impressions

    When it comes down to the basics, every property is simply four walls and a piece of carpet. The perceived value of an apartment or home is directly proportional to the visual appearance of the property.

    The first thing residents do when they get to a property is inspect the condition of their new home — the closets, the bathrooms, the appliances, the floors. Prospective tenants will notice carpets stains as soon as they enter.

    In addition, if the property is pet friendly, any lingering pet odors from previous tenants will not be very welcoming.

    If the property looks fresh and clean and is in working order, the resident’s first impression will be positive. A carpet cleaning service can help managers ensure good first impressions and turn prospects into leases.

    slide1_home_buyerLease Renewals

    Once he or she has secured the lease, the property manager’s job doesn’t stop there.

    Appropriate upkeep will help properties maintain their value year after year and can even turn existing tenants into renewals.

    As renewal time approaches, managers can offer to provide cleaning or repair services at discounted prices to existing tenants. Not only will residents feel they are valued by the property management team, it will also ensure that the units are maintained properly.

    Managers may even be able to translate these value-add services into rent increases.

    Services Offered

    In the San Antonio area, Pegasus Carpet Care can be a manager’s go-to partner when it comes to professional commercial cleaning. In addition to carpet cleaning and repair, Pegasus also offers:

    • Tile & grout cleaning
    • Air duct cleaning
    • Interior house painting
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Water extraction
    • Chimney sweeping

    Learn more about Pegasus' Bundled Service Packages for Realtors

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