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    How to Choose the Best Property Maintenance Vendor

    Posted by David Saidi on Jul 15, 2015 11:45:33 AM
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    Pegasus Carpet Care is a preferred vendor for property managers and realtors because they have the qualities that professionals are looking for in carpet cleaning. To earn our spot on your preferred vendor list, we are giving away free carpet cleaning.

    In addition, we're discussing what the qualities are that you should be looking for in your preferred property maintenance vendors. And how do you know which are qualified?

    Choosing maintenance vendors for your properties should be done through a process of testing at different levels.  The finished work and the process of the completion of the task will always be a reflection of you- the property manager or realtor.

    There are certain levels of skills and personal habits that a realtor or property manager will want to search out. By choosing the best property vendors you are also building your reputation and making wise decisions in the financial realm of your business.

    These qualities that Pegasus Carpet Care possess in carpet cleaning & repair- will also help you choose the best property maintenance vendors in other area’s; painting, air duct cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, maid service etc., and build great business relationships for a lifetime.

    hot_water_extractionQualities of the Best Property Maintenance Vendor

    • Quality Skills backed up with a license & references to complete the task at hand.
    • They must have Customer Service Skills. They will be interacting with your tenants, other vendor’s that you have employed, and the public.
    • Must be men & women of Integrity who take pride in accomplishing a job well done.

    Know which Vendor’s are Qualified

    • Research the Vendor’s- Today in our modern times people love to give reviews of a job well done and a job-not done. Word of mouth is still the best advertisement. Check out what others are saying about a vendor that you are considering on Social Medias, Yelp, and Angie’s List.
    • Check out Personal References- Always ask for personal references …and contact them. Vendors in an emergency will have to keep tenants calm and they will need personal qualities of patience and follow-through.
    • Walk Matches Talk- Reserve a trial period for new vendors. Observe and evaluate a completed job in light of what they promised and what you received.

    Property Managers and Realtors who take the time to build a qualified team of the best property maintenance vendors are successful…and are able to enjoy it also.

    How to choose the best carpet cleaning company

    Risk free, Pegasus is offering free carpet cleaning for first-time realtor customers, so you can try us out with no obligation and we can show you our quality maintenance services.

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