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    How to Bid on Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs

    Posted by David Saidi on Nov 6, 2015 11:10:00 AM
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    commercial carpet cleaningAs a commercial carpet cleaning company, it's important to offer customers quality service in carpet cleaning, carpet repair and air duct cleaning.

    Showing preparation and a wide range of skills, including painting tile and grout cleaning, adds to the skill set customers are searching for when bids are made for commercial carpet cleaning jobs.

    Cleaning carpet in homes and apartments is a necessary part of getting them rented, re-rented and sold by real estate companies.

    The faster and more efficiently carpet cleaning is done. The more properties a company has available for financial increase.

    How to Bid on Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs

    Cover as many variations as possible concerning expenditures the client might make in hiring the business to do the job of carpet cleaning or installation.

    The more thorough the bid, the more information the client has to work with. This advantage presents a company as an expert in the commercial carpet business.

    Clearly bid with an understanding of the clients schedule and objectives. Installations or cleanings that will not make clients lose business, are an asset in any bid.

    Software is the way to go in preparing bids. Present the information skillfully, accurately and with professional organization.

    Price is always of interest but quality workmanship in commercial carpet cleaning does not always carry the lowest bid.

    A bid may be lower but with shabby workmanship. Present examples of quality work completed by the company with customer reviews to back up claims.

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