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    How Realtors Can Save Money with Carpet Repair

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 17, 2015 2:42:00 PM
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    You wouldn't knock down your entire house and rebuild it just because your sink breaks. So why are you going to spend $2,000 to replace the carpet in a rental property just because it's been damaged in one or two places?

    It's your job to manage your properties as efficiently as possible, and that means, making decisions that will save you money while still improving your properties, so you can lease more, bottom line.

    How to Save Money with Carpet Repair

    Carpet restoration is a great way to save money. Rather than replacing the entire carpet in a room or home, carpet repair is available to treat and mend the damaged section.

    Pegasus Carpet Care has more than 25 years of experience repair carpet. Carpet repair takes expertise and skill because the process is intricate and has to be done correctly in order for the carpet to look new again.


    Custom Patching

    Custom patching is a technique used on carpet with a stain that cannot be removed by professional cleaning.

    Stains or damage from chemicals can be patched.

    This can be done in the middle of a room, a hallway, or on a stairway. 

    It requires a technician to cut out that area, color-match a new section, and sew it in place. 

    Carpet Restretching

    Restretching is required when a carpet lifts and is loosened. Often times this occurs because the carpet was not installed properly.

    Many residents may see this and request new carpet be installed, but it is not necessary.

    The carpet can easily be restretched by fitting, trimming, and stretching the carpet to look new again.

    Gold Bar Installation

    Gold bar installation is a term used to describe the transition from carpet to tile. Whether it's in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, a z bar is often used to separate the carpet from the tile. 

    More modern homes actually hide the z bar under the carpet.

    The area of the carpet in the trasition between carpet and hard flooring often is damaged and needs re-installation.

    What is carpet restoration?

    Carpet restoration is not limited to carpet repair; this is actually just one major part of carpet restoration. 

    It can also include carpet dying and carpet cleaning.

    How much does carpet restoration cost?

    Carpet restoration can actually save realtors $1,500 by having the carpet in their properties repaired, dyed, and cleaned for about $500!

    Carpet restoration is not offered by many carpet cleaning companies because carpet cleaning is often the only skill many companies thrive in.

    Pegasus Carpet Care has been saving carpets for more than 25 years. Our technicians are well-equipped in all areas of carpet restoration.

    Pegasus can save realtors money. Before you think of replacing your carpet, get a quote to restore your property.

    Learn why else realtors should choose Pegasus Carpet Care

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