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    Realtor House Cleaning: How Attractive Carpets Can Protect Your Business

    Posted by David Saidi on Nov 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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    Aesthetics is commonly known as the study of the mind and emotions concerning the sense of beauty. Aesthetics deals with notions such as the beautiful, and the ugly, so it determines what is attractive and what is not. In realtors business, a customer's perception can evoke a broad range of emotions and attitudes.

    The presentation of a residential property is strongly visual, and clients are known to make aesthetic judgments of a new realtor house very quickly. Professional carpet cleaning is crucial to keep properties looking attractive, and regular maintenance can also save money and time at the moment of closing a new sale. Since properties' aesthetics can influence brain perception and credibility, the benefits of different cleaning treatments must be considered for realtor's house cleaning.



    Services that can protect your sale

    1. Carpet cleaning and stain removal

    Impeccable carpets are crucial to keeping people's attention. When thinking about a new home, appearance is critical. Even if most of the expectations are already satisfied, unattractive and poor maintained carpets can affect people since unaesthetic carpets bring negative thoughts and represent a waste of time and money. A professional carpet cleaning service will keep carpets flawless by removing stains, dirt, and allergens. Potential buyers are looking for that.

    2. Tile and grout cleaning

    Professional tile and grout cleaning is the best alternative to removing anesthetic marks from grout. Grout is a porous material, so it collects dirt grime and spills. A professional cleaning process would protect floors and would avoid discoloration. Besides, people want to enjoy every step of searching for a new home. Poor floors conditions would affect the process of closing a new sale.


    3. Upholstery

    This service is crucial for furnished residences. Dirt is dangerous and abrasive, and it makes furniture age faster. Professional furniture upholstery cleaning is the right way to extend furniture's life and to keep buyers interested. Even if the furniture has been used for a while, a professional upholstery service will keep it looking in perfect conditions. Nobody wants to move into a new place where furniture is already showing signs of wear.


    Realtors know that attractive carpets, floors, and upholstery are crucial to keeping customers interested. Pegasus Carpet Care can make realtor's job easier by providing all these services and more. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty shows when carpets look perfect!

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