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    House Cleaning Tips For The Procrastinator

    Posted by David Saidi on Oct 28, 2015 12:59:23 PM
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    house cleaning tipsWhether you are a working mother, a stay at home mom, or you only have only your husband to look after, you certainly know that keeping up with cleaning the house is a busy business.

    Your to-do list almost certainly includes cooking, laundry, dishes, cleaning, attending to the kids and work. It can be overwhelming and energy supping.

    Knowing how to create a balance between your house chores and your work will make your life stress free.

    House Cleaning Tips

    Have a place for everything

    It doesn’t matter if it is socks, toys, books, clothes, utensils or letters you need to have a specific place for them.

    Keeping things in their place will give you easy access and enable you manage your home better. Therefore, invest in hampers for each room and storage pins for the kid.

    Your dressing table should also have small baskets where personals like makeup and toiletries can be kept.

    Have counters for utensils and book shelves this will give make it easy to clean you as well as make your house organized.

    Throw some, give some and label some

    Many homes have accumulated stuff they don’t need occupying spaces they need. If you have such, send them out with the trash can or donate to those who may need them.

    For those you really need, there is no need to lose them, separate and label them so you don’t mix with the frequently used.

    Projects that you will never finish should be discarded. This will make your house lighter, cleaner and easier to manage.

    Do that which cannot wait without procrastinating

    Many mothers go through the daily chores without stopping to think. If you took a moment to analyze your work it will be clear that there are things that require instant attention and those that can give you a breather! Better still let the professionals do their work.

    For instance, how do you begin fixing your husband’s jacket when a tailor can do it better and faster as you handle other important matters?

    Practice the art of delegation

    Learn to share your work. Even small children can be trained to help. Do not do it all yourself.

    It also advisable to do a menu so you don’t have to keep searching places when you should be cooking. Finally know that you can only do your best.

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