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    Hot Water Extraction Cleans Carpet Best

    Posted by David Saidi on Sep 24, 2014 8:57:00 PM
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    hot_water_extractionNot many people know about the hot water extraction method for carpet cleaning. Many homeowners, in fact, don’t get the proper care for their carpet at all.

    This may be because there's a misperception that carpet care is expensive or even that's it's not really necessary.

    Although vacuuming and mopping are great for maintenance, professional cleaning extends the life of your floors, even if it's just done twice a year.

    Hot water extraction is the best carpet cleaning method that is used to clean carpet thoroughly. It requires special equipment and trained professionals, but the investment is worth it because it extends the life of the carpet and makes it safe from carpet mites and dirt.

    How Hot Water Extraction Works

    The cleaning process is compared to steam cleaning, but it doesn’t actually require steam. It uses a combination of high water pressure and hot water to remove unwanted objects from carpet.

    This process loosens particles in the carpet during the hot water pressure application, and a special high-powered vacuum then removes the water and all the dirt and grime with it.

    Many professional carpet care companies, including Pegasus Carpet Care, carry the extraction equipment in truck. During the process, everything from the water to the dirt coming out of the carpet is sucked into the truck with hoses that safely reach into the home.

    This method is great because as the homeowner, you don’t have to worry about anything staying in your home.

    Setup and cleanup are virtually easy, making this carpet cleaning process very effective.

    The following video talks about hot water extraction and shows a glimpse of the process:




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