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    Holiday House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

    Posted by David Saidi on Dec 9, 2015 9:39:00 AM
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    stairs-home-loft-lifestyle.jpgEnsuring your home is beautiful, clean and welcoming this holiday season is something that every busy parent wants. With so many cleaning challenges to tackle and with limited time in which to get everything done, it's understandable to get overwhelmed.

    With a little foresight and planning, the holiday cleaning tasks can get done faster and without as much fuss. Here are a few house cleaning tips and tricks we think should make your holidays shine bright with cheer.

    Holiday House Cleaning Tips

    • Declutter Everything First: When cleaning seems like a really daunting task, the easiest way to make it more manageable is to chop it down to size. The greatest way to hack away at a cleaning job is to de-clutter. Finding a home for all of the random items lying around your home will make it a more welcoming and presentable venue for holiday visitors.
    • DVD Process (dust, vacuum, dust): The "Dust-Vacuum-Dust" or DVD Process is an old family tradition wherein the secret is to do a quick dusting of everything first, before going on to cleaning the rest of the house. Then, after vacuuming and all other arrangements are done, a more precise dusting can be done, if time permits.
    • Use Young Men for Heavy Lifting: During the holidays, there is usually a lot of cheap labor standing around in the way of young men who could be lifting furniture, boxes and other heavy objects about in order to transform a normal dwelling space into a proper entertainment area. Don't feel guilty, you're older than then and you're feeding them. They'll be happy. 
    • Change Air Filter: This one doesn't require much explaining but it's often overlooked. This minor detail will create a much more pleasant atmosphere for the many breathing individuals who will be visiting you throughout the holidays.
    • Throw Out Clutter: Since there is already so much cleaning happening, now is a better time than ever to consider parting ways with some of that old clutter that's been piling up. Even if you get rid of three items, you've made a dent into it rather than doing nothing. 

    These five house cleaning tips and tricks won't necessarily cover every little consideration that pertains to every person's family. That said, it will serve as an excellent starting-off point for any busy mom or dad who wants a clean and orderly house, but doesn't have time or a fortune to hire maids. 

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