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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services - What Professionals Can Offer

    Posted by David Saidi on Oct 27, 2015 9:37:00 AM
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    commercial carpet cleaning servicesWhether you are working hard for your customer to get their house sold or you are managing a group of properties, clean carpets are important when it comes to attracting clients.

    When buyers or potential lessees walk into a home, they want to feel that the home is clean and has been well cared for. Soiled, dirty carpet can make a place feel unkempt, dirty, may trigger allergies and can have even the most reasonable client out the door and running far, far away.

    When it comes to marketing your property or properties clean carpet is a must.

    The best way to make sure that the carpeting has been treated correctly is to hire commercial carpet cleaning services.

    The Advantages of Hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

    You could hire your regular cleaning staff to clean your home's carpets with a carpet cleaner or spot treatments, however this will not lift all the dirt from your carpets.

    Commercial carpet cleaning companies use specialized cleaning machines that get deep into the carpet bed. These machines work to suck up all of the dirt, dust and pet dander, leaving carpet cleaned all the way to the bottom of the carpet fibers. Here are some additional advantages of hiring commercial carpet cleaning services.

    • Cleaning carpets with the wrong chemicals or carpet cleaning shampoos can destroy your carpet, leaving behind more stains and permanently damaging your carpet. This can lead to having to replace carpets that could have been cleaned without the extra expense of carpet replacement.
    • Hot water extraction helps to get contaminants out of the home or apartment. This can help relieve the allergy symptoms of those walking into or living in the home. It will also leave your carpets looking and feeling cleaner than other carpet care methods.
    • Pre-treatment of stains is important when it comes to leaving carpet looking like new. Specialized power scrubbers can help to get down into the fibers, erasing stains and built up dirt, leaving carpet feeling fluffy and soft.
    • Regular professional carpet cleaning will prolong the life of any installed carpet.

    Your customers will appreciate the look and feel of clean carpets and will get the sense that the home or apartment you are marketing has been well cared for.

    When cleaning carpets be sure to do it the correct way, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

    We want to prove our excellent service. That's why Pegasus Carpet Care is offering a free cleaning to first-time realtor customers.

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