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    Cleaning Tips to Maintain the Office

    Posted by David Saidi on Sep 3, 2015 3:17:01 PM
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    Let's face it, no one wants to go to work in a place that is filthy. While it helps to encourage employees to pick up after themselves as much as possible, cleaning is often left up to building maintenance personnel.

    Keeping the office looking good doesn't have to be hard. With a few cleaning tips, it can be finished in less time each day, especially if you can get employees to join in the effort to get things done.

    Office Cleaning Tips

    Most offices have a break room or kitchen. To help keep the area clean, keep waste baskets next to the door for recycling trash.

    office cleaning tips memeAlso, set cleaning wipes in the center of the table and on the counter so they can be easily accessed. If the counters and tables stay clean then for the most part all that is left is the floor to be swept and mopped at the end of the day.

    If the building has offices or work stations, employees should be able to do a lot of the work cleaning them on their own. Supply each office with dusting wipes, and encourage employees to clean their desks and shelves with them.

    Provide waste baskets as well, and ask them to empty their own in the recycling bins in the kitchen.

    Vacuum daily after every one is gone.

    The bathroom can be hard to keep up if there are a lot of employees using it. Try cleaning it twice a day. Add toilet cleaner drop-ins to the back of the toilet so that bad smells are reduced, and the toilet will stay cleaner with each flush. Frequent use of paper towels by multiple employees each time they wash their hands can cause overflowing waste baskets. A large waste basket with a lid will help to contain them all. Some businesses are solving the paper towel mess dilemma by switching entirely to hot air hand dryers. They are better for the environment and more hygienic.

    Follow these cleaning tips to help keep your workplace looking great. Make sure to communicate with the employees the importance of taking pride in the building and helping to take care of it. It also might help to post reminders to help clean up in the commonly used areas.


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