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    Cleaning Tips for Post-Holiday Madness

    Posted by David Saidi on Jan 19, 2017 8:58:45 PM
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    The morning after Christmas can be horrendous. And if you participated in no cleaning since then, your house now after New Years may look like war aftermath.

    Cleaning after the holidays may be enticing, but trust me, it'll feel great once it's done!

    When you look around, you're probably running through a list of to-dos: The Christmas tree has to be taken down, the lights outside as well, the dishes have piled up, the clothes too.

    But stop. Take a deep breath. And read on for some great post-holiday cleaning tips.

    In addition to the regular cleaning tasks on your list, you have decorations to take down and an impression of way more dishes and clothes to wash. So let's break it down:

    • Decorations
    • Pick Up
    • Clean Up


    Take down the decorations, first.

    (If cleaning up inside eliminates the anxiety and load of putting up outside decorations, stick with inside tasks, first.)

    Taking down holiday decor first will make picking up and cleaning up seem like a normal load. 

    • Put everything in labeled bins.
    • Take the tree out to the curb (if it's real).
    • Decide which Christmas cards you want to keep and which to throw out. (Don't keep Christmas cards. They just take up room, and you don't need them.)

    Tip: Don't overwhelm yourself with re-decorating just yet. Take care of the cleaning first and decorate (the fun part) later.

    Pick Up

    Once all the decorations are put up, start picking up. 

    This includes the coats that are thrown around the living room — put them back in the coat closet — and the shoes that are scattered throughout the house.

    • Clothing
    • Shoes
    • Papers/bills
    • Dishes (don't wash yet)
    • Miscellaneous 

    Put everything back in its place, in the room it belongs.

    Everything should be looking pretty tidy by now.

    Clean Up

    Now it's time to take out the chemicals, rags, vacuum, and mop.

    Once again, go room by room and begin cleaning.

    • Kitchen (mop, dishes)
    • Living room (vacuum, dust)
    • Bedrooms (vacuum, dust, make the beds)
    • Bathrooms (mop, wipe down)

    These are just brief reminders of the tasks that need to get done in each room. By this step, you know what your home needs.


    Get more carpet cleaning tips

    To make things even easier, Pegasus Carpet Care has put together a cleaning checklist that takes you room by room and task by task.  

    Once your house is clean, the new year will feel refreshing and productive! So don't wait any longer. Get it done this weekend!

    We even have options for those who don't have time to clean. Pegasus Carpet Care has some great carpet cleaning specials and bundled service options, and even thought carpet cleaning is our forte, we specialize in other cleaning services as well.

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