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    Chimney Sweeping Service Can Save Your Family

    Posted by David Saidi on Dec 5, 2014 4:03:07 PM
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    A short story was publised in the San Antonio Express-Newspaper this week. Although the story was about a burning home in Nebraska and the story only got a few paragraphs, this too familiar scene was described. 

    A fire started in the middle of the night at 2:30 a.m. all caused by the chimney pipe of a wood pellet stove.Screen_Shot_2014-12-05_at_3.20.20_PM

    Last year had the highest number of holiday season fires in the last decade, with careless cooking leading the way as the primary cause, according to Green Bay Press Gazette.

    A similar chimney fire story from back in September is seen in this video by Time Warner Cable News.

    Although South Texas isn't known much for cold temperatures and warm fire places, many people have chimneys, and much of the time, they go unkept for years at a time.

    Whether you have a chimney or know someone who does, learn how to distinguish a fire hazard. There are two types of chimney fires, and both can be dangerous to your home and family.

    Free Burning fires are loud and almost look uncontrolled. "Oftentimes dramatic flames or billowing smoke may lap out of your chimney top," according to Nayaug Chimney Services.

    Slow Burning fires are quiet. This type of fire occurs when you think you've put out the fire, and it's no less dangerous. "These undetected fires burn slowly and at high temperatures that can cause more than just structural damage to your chimney, they can easily catch flammable parts of your home on fire as well." -Nayaug Chimney Services.

    Chimney Fire Prevention Tips

    • Make sure you have working smoke detectors throughout your home.

    • Invest in chimney sweeping service every year.

    • Keep combustibles away from the fireplace.

    • Never leave a fire burning unattended.

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