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    Carpet Restoration: The Solution to Get Rid of Allergies in the Home

    Posted by David Saidi on Feb 19, 2016 4:18:12 PM
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    ALLERGIES. Need I say more? San Antonio is no doubt a great place to live, but it does come with its share of allergies. Believe it or not, property managers and homeowners can add to the allergy problems that already exists.

    Have you ever added frangrances to a residential property before a showing or open house? Fragrances from candles, detergents and even air fresheners are great but oftentimes add to the allergy problems.

    Here are some carpet cleaning tips for property managers and homeowners to prevent allergies in the home.

    San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Tips

    • Vacuum regularly. Dust carries allergies. Vacuum carpets regularly and use the attachments for curtains, and ceiling areas and hard to reach places. Pet hair, dust and outside elements, lurking in carpet and upholstery can take you on a watery eyed, sneezing frenzy. This simple tip will prevent a great deal of misery from allergy causing elements for residents.
    • Clean your carpets. Deep cleaning your carpets will take care of the dust, stains, and outside elements that vacuuming just can't pick up. Many of the components that make you sneeze hide deep below the surface. Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning solves this problem. In San Antonio, carpet cleaning is a must for your home.
    • Replace and clean filters often. This has to be the ongoing number one problem that I see most homeowners make. You should replace and/or clean your filters at least once per month... more during seasons when your AC is in use even more.This is important for those wanting clean indoor air to stay healthy. AC units pull debris from the air but pathogens have to be removed from filters. A dirty filter will air-duct-cleaning_0.gifclean poorly and bad air recirculates, aggravating allergies.
    • Air Duct Cleaning. These hard to reach areas in your home  attract dust, mold and pollen. Allergies, especially mold, can live in your air ducts and make you miserable. Clean your AC ducts at least every 3-5 years.
    • Lower the use of perfumed items. Many people love the smell of good items, candles, perfumes, and pleasant detergents. However, people with allergies may find these delicious fragrances a health
      hazard. Keeping a home odor neutral is important for those interested in a clean home or apartment. 
    • Create a smoke free zone. People with respiratory problems have more difficulty with allergies when smoking is present. A child suffering with asthma will have more problems if smoke is involved. Control the climate in the home and it will become a haven from allergy causing smoke and dust.
    • Open windows. Yes, good ole fresh are really works! Screens on windows prevent outside pollen from floating inside your home. Fresh air is important to maintaining a healthy humidity level. Use fans to
       sweep bad air from your home. 
    • Painting. Of course proper ventilation during and after painting should be used, but, painting actually cleans up pathogens. It is one of the best ways to clean a home or a property when renters move out. And of course, a fresh coat of paint makes a big difference in how the home looks.

    Carpet Restoration: The Solution to Allergies, Dirty Carpet

    • CARPET_CLEANING_1.pngCarpet Restoration. Sometimes the damage is just too great for a simple fix. Before you replace your carpet, consider carpet restoration. It is much less expensive than replacing your carpets and provides for a longer life for carpets.
    These tips should reduce the allergies that live inside your home or rental property. Apply them and then take a deep breath! The difference will astound you.

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