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    Carpet Restoration Offers Property Managers Savings Over New Carpets

    Posted by David Saidi on Feb 12, 2016 3:02:01 PM
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    Carpet_Restoration.jpgIf you are a residential property manager, your days are probably filled with problems to solve and contractors to call and then you hope they even show up.

    There are ways to save big money regarding the carpets in your homes and take one less problem away.

    Evaluate then Spend

    The prior tenants left a mess and the carpets are the worst.

    The furniture has been moved and there is an indication about what the carpets ued to look like.

    Dirty carpets are one of the biggest problems property managers find in empty units; from juice spills, to dyes, from pet hairs to fleas, and everything between.

    At first glance, you might think that the carpet is ruined and beyond saving. 


    Before you rip them out and install new carpets at great expense, let a professional take a look. You do have an option that offers big savings. Contact Pegasus Carpet Care

    You invest lots of money into your homes. Smart investing always pays dividends.

    New Carpets vs. Restored Carpets

    Most carpets are filled with dirt, debris, odors, and allergy building residue, which can even create breathing problems for your next tenant.

    Some stains have reached the padding and just cleaning will leave you with even more problems once the new tenants move in because the stains will resurface. 

    You can solve this problem and save money by restoring the existing carpets.

    What is Carpet Restoration?

    Restoring carpets is a three step process and few understand and are qualified to handle all three steps.

    • Professional Carpet Cleaning: Just quick cleaning your carpets will not provide the results you are looking for. Deep cleaning with the right equipment is the first step and preps the carpet for any required repairs and dyeing. Learn more

    • Carpet Dyeing: Darkening the color of the carpet slightly is the final step. This process must be completed by a professional that has been trained in the techniques required to provide a smooth and constant color throughout the entire room.


    So how much will you save by restoring the carpets in your properties? Your savings will of course depend on several factors like the size of the rooms, the number of stains and the number of repairs needed. 

    Each job is different and must be estimated based on these important factors, but you can count on dramatic savings and perhaps most importantly not be faced with calls from dissatisfied tenants. 

    Learn more about the process and important information that will indeed save you time and money. 

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