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    Carpet Cleaning: Are You Being Taken For Granted?

    Posted by David Saidi on Jul 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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    If you are a property manager and your homes are churning new tenants, then the simple fact is you gotta get the carpets cleaned. Getting the job done right and on time is a must. There is no explanation for carpet surprises when your tenants show up for the first showing. Stains that have resurfaced could blow the deal.

    So if all of this is true, then why not find a reliable carpet cleaning company that will also honor your loyalty to them?


    As a top property management firm, you spend a lot of money and time cleaning carpets. In fact, our research shows that churn rates of 10 -20 homes per month are not uncommon for the leaders in the property management industry. That means you will need carpet cleaning for between 120 and 240 homes per year!

    That many homes begs some questions like:

    • Does my current carpet cleaning company provide discounted pricing for my loyalty to them?
    • Is my current vendor giving me the priority scheduling I deserve?
    • Are they equipped to handle tough stains, repairs and even carpet restoration?
    • Do they value integrity and honesty?

    Carpet Cleaning Companies Are Not All the Same

    I know this statement sounds simple, but is is also very profound. The simple fact is that things change. Staff leaves (even the good ones), mistakes begin to be common place, new equipment that outperforms older models are introduced, training for technicians gets pushed back. 

    These are all common symptoms in longer term relationships. The root cause is simple. You are taken for granted. If these are occurring to you as a property manager, we have some great news!


    CheckBox.pngPegasus Carpet Care recognizes, appreciates and honors great customers just like you. In fact, we have developed a special program that will solve your problems as soon as today. Now is the time to learn more about our Volume Commercial Program and the many benefits it brings. 

    • APPRECIATION- we appreciate and value our best customers. Simply put, we honor volume by offering special pricing that could save you between $1400 and $2000 annually.
    • HONOR- we know you are busy. We show up on time and handle those needed rush obs with ease. Priority scheduling makes sure that your rental properties are clean and ready to show.
    • PROFESSIONALISM-  all of our technicians are professionally trained including understanding and implementing our company values. They wear uniforms. They do not up sell. They are empowered to solve problems.
    • EQUIPPED- we have the best equipment on our trucks to solve difficult problems. We don't come back, we do what is necessary on the first business (carpet restoration does require a different team). 
    • ADDITIONAL SERVICES- because we provide other services like tile and grout cleaning,  painting, air duct cleaning and others we make it easy to do business with us.

    Pegasus Carpet Care becomes your rental property valued partner and allows you to do what you do best... rent properties!


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