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    Best San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Method for Your Home

    Posted by David Saidi on Mar 8, 2016 1:25:00 PM
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    san antoniocarpet-cleaning.jpgYou have vacuumed time and time again, bought the over the counter rug cleaners and blotted and rubbed, even tried some home remedies. Nothing works. The dirt and stains are still there.

    Before you hire a San Antonio carpet cleaning company, there is something you should know.

    Most carpet cleaning companies clean just the surface of your carpet and that is OK for surface dirt, but sometimes the carpet cleaning basics will not work.

    Over time, dirt makes it way into the fabric of your carpet, between the threads and stays there unless the right method and equipment is used.

    Though quick cleaning could get a good portion of the dirt and stains out, it's even more effective to take your carpet through regular deep cleaning cycles using a commercial grade power scrubber.

    What is a Commercial Grade Power Scrubber?

    Unico_Power_Scrubber_1.jpgA power scrubber does more than just clean surface dirt. A power scrubber is able to reach below the surface of your carpet between the threads to loosen and clean deep down dirt and stains. This is especially true if you you have not professionally cleaned your carpets in a while.

    The speed and power of the equipment provides results that regular carpet cleaning equipment can not match. A commercial grade power scrubber is made for hard to clean carpets.

    Have kids? Then you have deep down dirt and there is only one way to get rid of that dirt for good. 

    Good to Your Carpet and Your Family

    A commercial grade power scrubber will do the job without having to use corrosive shampoos and cleaning agents. It cleaning power comes from its ability to reach way down below the surface, buff stains and suck dirt and debris out.Carpet_Cleaning-Dust_Mites-2.jpg

    Consequently, your carpet’s fiber will stay intact for longer if you subscribe to this San Antonio carpet cleaning approach. In  addition, deep cleaning with the power scrubber helps rid your home of allergens and dust mites that live below the surface of your carpets. 

    Benefits of a Power Scrubber

    The right equipment in a professional's hands will provide results that are amazing.


    • Dirt and stains will not resurface after a few short days 
    • Your carpet will stay fresh longer 
    • You not only get rid of the dirt but also bacteria, mold, dust mites and fungus
    • Deep Cleaning reduces allergens that live in your carpet
    • You will not have to clean your carpets as regularly, saving you money in the long term
    • Deep cleaning is good for your carpets and extends the life of your carpet 




    Pegasus Carpet Care: The San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Company that Power Scrubs Carpet

    Pegasus Carpet Care is a quality San Antonio carpet cleaning company that uses a commercial grade power scrubber. We believe in serving our customers above and beyond other carpet cleaning companies.

    We invest in the right equipment and train our technicians on a regular basis. And we make it easy for you to see the results.

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