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    Best Methods for Deep Cleaning for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Posted by David Saidi on Nov 10, 2015 11:51:27 AM
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    commercial carpet cleaningThe challenge for realtors and property managers has always been the fact that they will always need to have clean carpets before new tenants take possession of a property.

    This is because tenants usually want to move in as fast as an appropriate property is available.

    Property managers and realtors can now hire commercial carpet cleaning professionals to do this job professionally, with diligence and within an agreed timeframe.

    Best Methods to Execute Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

    • Bonnet cleaning: Here, the dirt in the carpet is sucked in by powerful equipment which comes with spinning pads loaded with cleaning agents. This method of commercial carpet cleaning concentrates the carpet’s fibers. It is appropriate for surfaces that are needed to be used as soon as possible after the carpet cleaning job. It is also popular for places with high traffic.
    • Steam Cleaning: This method uses the pressure from very hot water to relax carpet fibers so that they can let go of dirt deposits within them. The application of cleaning agents on dirty surfaces is also employed followed by thorough rinsing. The carpet is then dried. This commercial carpet cleaning method is also referred to as the Hot Water Extraction Method.
    • Encapsulation: This method involves applying synthetic detergents on the carpet to be cleaned. What these agents do is to dissolve the dirt into particles that can easily be brushed off or removed through vacuum cleaning. This method is environmentally friendly as it uses considerably less chemicals and a lot less water than many other methods.
    • Dry Carpet cleaning: This is among the latest introductions to the commercial carpet cleaning business. It is appropriate for almost all modern carpets and manufacturers have stamped their approval on it. Here, cleaning agents are spread on the bottom of the carpet by mechanical rotary brushes. As a result, the detergent penetrates deep into the carpet and the dirt is loosened and cleaning is complete and effective.

    Commercial carpet cleaning need not be a challenge anymore now.

    commercial carpet cleaning

    Estate managers and realtors can engage professional cleaners who will complete the job effectively and efficiently.

    With the quick-drying methods in use now, their time to allow carpets to dry before introducing tenants or buyers to houses has reduced considerably.

    These methods of carpet cleaning are also kind to carpets which experience a longer life of use without much wear and tear.

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