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    Benefits of a Clean Home for Realtors and Tenants

    Posted by David Saidi on Jan 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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    benefits of a clean home .jpgEver tried to sell an adorable home with great curb appeal only to walk inside and have potential buyers ask about the smell? Perhaps it’s a tenant that continues to complain about a musty odor?

    Your clients may ask why their home isn’t selling or renting.

    You should let them know that a professionally cleaned home will typically sell or rent faster than one that isn’t. Plus, the benefits of having a client get a professional cleaning goes far beyond just moving it off the market. 

    Benefits of a Clean Home

    benefits of a clean home.jpgStaging

    Most real estate professionals and property managers agree that a professional cleaning helps in staging a home properly.

    First impression

    Homebuyers or prospective renters will typically remember a cleaner home versus a dirty one.


    A professionally cleaned home will sell or rent faster—meaning faster revenue. According to Trulia, homes that are professionally cleaned can fetch up to $5,000 more than a similar home without a professional cleaning.


    Homes that are properly cleaned can include an overall savings for new homeowners or tenants.

    A professional cleaning of an HVAC system can help save money on energy bills. Cleaner systems work more efficient and will last longer as well.

    The same holds true for professionally cleaned carpets. Having a professional clean the carpet is a lot less expensive than replacing one. Furthermore, a deep cleaning can remove dust and allergens that can remain in carpet; allergens that go untouched by vacuuming.

    benefits of a clean home - allergies.jpgHealth

    Ductwork cleanings can aid in reducing allergens

    Bathrooms and kitchens that have old and dirty grout can look new again with a professionally steam cleaning, which removes mildew and stains.

    Overall, benefits of a clean home for realtors a homeowner should note are vast and can benefit all parties.

    Check out more benefits of a clean home.

    Maintaining professional cleaned rental properties increases revenue and keeps your cash flow in check. Plus, if you have a listing from a motivated seller, recommend a deep professional cleaning—it will sell a lot faster than you think.

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