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    Add These 3 Items to Your Property Management Maintenance Checklist

    Posted by David Saidi on Aug 25, 2015 10:08:03 AM
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    property management maintenance checklistProperty managers have much to oversee. From cleaning and repairs to tenant issues and property taxes, property managers always have something or another to worry about.

    The more real estate property managers are responsible for, the more pressing and hectic their responsibilities can be.

    Management techniques vary, of course, but there are a few basic tips that all property managers should be aware of.

    By following this property management maintenance checklist, real estate managers stand to see a palpable difference in how their properties are run.


    3 items to add to your property management maintenance checklist

    1. Keep Track of Appliances: Especially with apartments, appliances such as refrigerators and washers and dryers can be a hassle to be on top of. They are prone to malfunction or break altogether. Successful property managers keep track of their appliances; as in, they keep a record of what was bought, when it was purchased, and any warrantee information that came with it. Doing this will make any potential repairs or replacement services much easier.
    2. To Outsource or Not to Outsource?: That is the question many property managers constantly pose to themselves. Should they hire, for example, an professional commercial cleaning services or should they hire directly? Outsourcing services can make or break a property's management strategy.
    3. Go Digital: Reducing paperwork is a goal every good property manager strives to achieve. The less paperwork to worry about, the more attention that can be placed on more pressing duties. Switching to property management software is an increasingly popular option -- among many others!

    Need help maintaining the cleanliness of your properties? Check out this free commercial cleaning checklist or partner with Pegasus Carpet Care for all of your professional commercial cleaning services.

    commercial cleaning checklist - property management maintenance checklist

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