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    5 Cleaning Tips for Commercial Businesses

    Posted by David Saidi on Sep 15, 2015 1:38:16 PM
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    Dirt in any commercial or residential space has several negative effects on clients and your loved ones.

    Although a clean environment can help improve employee safety, efficiency and health, there are other benefits of having clean work environment.

    Check out these 5 cleaning tips for commercial businesses.

    5 Cleaning Tips for Commercial Businesses

    Smell check

    You may not know it but smells are one of the things that visitors will remember when they leave your premises or home. Was the smell good, bad or plain disgusting? People will easily notice the smell of your commercial space. Smells can be due to a dirty ventilation system or unclean carpets. To alleviate them, cleaning the HVAC and carpets are important cleaning tips.

    Concentrate on high traffic areas

    High traffic areas in a commercial setting include the waiting room,dining areas if it’s a restaurant or the dance floor if it’s a night club. In a residential space, high traffic areas include the kitchen and the living room. As these are the most used areas, the carpet will get dirty faster than in other areas. An important cleaning tip is to have these area cleaned more frequently than other areas.

    Dusting is a must

    The fixtures in the lobby should always be kept clean by dusting them on a daily basis. This is because dust is more noticeable on these fixtures and furniture than it is on carpets. Keep them free of dust to avoid grimacing customers who are disappointed when they find out that the magazines are dusty.

    Invest in entrance mats

    Entrance mats are of the best and simplest defenses against dirt and dust on your carpets and floors. They trap dust and dirt carried from the outside by visitors’ shoes. Entrance mats can therefore be used to prevent more dirt from getting to your office carpet and what’s even better is that you can imprint your logo on it thus boosting the professional appearance.

    Clean the windows

    Windows are great for bringing natural light. But they can also act as an advertising space for a dirty workplace. Dirty windows are avenues for dirt which often in form of smudges and dust. As this is not the kind of thing you want your customers to see, it’s important that you clean them regularly.

    These cleaning tips will go along way in maintaining the good image of your business.

    Check out more cleaning tips to maintain the office.

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