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    4 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips for Realtors

    Posted by David Saidi on Jan 11, 2016 10:28:00 AM
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    Managing and maintaining rental properties is a job that presents plenty of challenges. One ongoing concern for many realtors is the life span and condition of a home's carpets.

    Replacing all of the carpet in a home is a significant investment and should be the last resort.

    There are several commercial carpet cleaning tips that can help extend the carpet's life and improve its overall condition.

    4 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips

    1. Set clear expectations with tenants One of the most effective commercial carpet cleaning tips is to set clear expectations with tenants at the beginning of their lease. Make sure they understand the importance of keeping the carpets as clean as possible and notifying you in case of a serious problem.
    2. Be proactive If a tenant informs you of a serious problem with the carpet, it's in your best interest to take care of it right away. This proactive stance can prevent further damage or stains from occurring. Consult a commercial carpet cleaning professional about other things you can do to help prevent damage or extend the life of the carpet.
    3. Consider carpet restoration Before you replace all of the carpet in a room or house consider carpet restoration first. Carpet restoration includes spot treatment and repair that prevents large scale replacement. One example of carpet restoration involves dying spots that have accidentally been bleached to match the original carpet color. Carpet restoration can save you thousands of dollars.
    4. Trust the professionals As tempting as it may be to clean the carpets yourself we suggest trusting the professionals to ensure the most thorough cleaning possible. This is true even in the case of spot treatment. Instead of relying on tenants to properly treat the spot consider bringing in professionals to make sure the work is done right the first time.

    Carpet restoration job done by Pegasus Carpet Care

    CARPETREPAIR_3.pngOn the right, you can see a patch job that was done in a home by Pegasus Carpet Care.

    In addition to being San Antonio carpet cleaning experts, Pegasus thrives in carpet restoration, saving homeowners, realtors, and tenants thousands of dollars compared to carpet replacement.

    Rather than replacing the carpet in a whole room, we can cut out a section of damaged carpet and replace it.

    Properly maintained carpet not only looks good but it also makes the home a more sought after rental property. Taking the time to clean, maintain, and restore the carpet will pay dividends far into the future.

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