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    3 Carpet Cleaning Basics

    Posted by David Saidi on Sep 29, 2014 9:52:00 PM
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    When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are three basic things you need to know. They will work every time, and you’re going to laugh when you hear how simple it is.

    These three tips will help you help your carpet last longer, and that means you save money in the long run.

    1. Clean stains immediately with water

    Unless you’ve spilled oil or some chemical you need to treat, water will get out many substance if the spill has just happened. Get a damp towel and press (don’t spread) the spill. Rubbing the spill carelessly can spread the substance even more.

    If the spill is liquid, pressing the damp towel down will often soak up most of the spill. Follow with a light scrubbing motion, careful not to spread the substance.

    Things like mud or food should be vacuumed or cleaned up before treating the stain with water.

    2. Vacuum at least once per week

    Vacuuming daily would be ideal, but not everyone has the time to bring out the vacuum every day. If you vacuum your carpet at least once per week, your carpet will last longer.

    Also, if you can, vacuum high-traffic areas, such as the entrance to your home or the living room area, more often. This helps keep dirt out of the carpet.

    3. Invest in professional carpet care

    How often really depends on how much carpet you have throughout the house and if there’s a lot of traffic.

    For a married couple with no children who work most of their day and only have one room of carpet may only need professional carpet care once a year or less.

    But for a family of five with small children and carpet in every room, professional carpet care should be used at least every six months.

    Professional carpet care helps get to the core of the carpet and clean all the things you track into your home.

    Making the investment ensures your home is safe for your family from carpet mites, and it keeps your carpet healthy so in the end, you can preserve your carpet and save money.

    Learn how much carpet cleaning costs.


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