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    10 Benefits of a Clean Home

    Posted by David Saidi on May 20, 2015 10:03:52 AM
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    This is the story of many parents' lives. A clean house never stays clean for very long if there are kids involved.

    Children aren't aware of the mess until they've jumped from one game to the next and one toy to another.

    But that's no excuse to not clean. There are actually health benefits to cleaning, so if you want to keep your children safe, keep the house clean.

    And don't do this alone. Get the kids involved, even if they're smaller children over 1 years old. Consider their age, delegate them a responsibility, and reward them for helping.

    Check out these 4 Summer Cleaning Survival Tips to help you get the kids involved

    Benefits of a Clean Home

    1. Reduce allergens in the home - The top home allergies are dust, cockroaches, mold, and mildew. Dusting obviously helps remove dust and a clean kitchen will keep cockroaches from sticking around. Cleaning areas that often collect water like toothbrush holders or around the kitchen will help with mold. Learn more about how to prevent allergies in the home
    2. Sanitation
    3. Reduce mold in the home
    4. Lowers risk of injury - Think about it. If you have toys laid across your floor, you are more prone to falling yourself having a child fall. 
    5. Reduce stress - Moving in any way, especially going for a walk or doing exercise, helps reduce stress. When you clean, you're focus on one task and moving toward a goal of clean, which takes the load off and relieves your to-do list of cleaning. It's not that thing that sticks in the back of your mind every time you look around your house.
    6. Wards off pests 
    7. Burns calories
    8. Encourages cooking - It's not appetizing to cook in a dirty kitchen, so when your kitchen is clean and the dishes are washed, you're more likely to cook a good ol' home cooked meal. This is often a healthier and a more cost-effective option as well versus eating at a restaurant.
    9. Improves mental state - Cleanliness is associated with purity. Purity of the mind and thoughts trumps a clouded, busy mind that is common when you have many tasks to do and children to manage.
    10. Reduces health and safty hazards - Clean house means your kids have a safe environment to play, study, and enjoy.

    Source: Before It's News

    Download this free Summer Cleaning Checklist and the cleaning will be organized and simple.

    Need help cleaning the house? Pegasus Carpet Care offers professional residential carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, upolstery cleaning, and more.

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